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Today, CENTURY 21 AFFILIATED is spread throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, 35 locations and over 450 top professionals. That was not always the case. The origins of the company were in 1905. That year, the grandfather of current the president became a real estate agent in Mt. Horeb, WI. After a 70-year hiatus, the spirit was re kindled in 1977. That year Bill Kessler and Gene Anderson founded the forerunner of today’s leader. That company, A- K Realty, had 2 agents and a part time staff person.  The philosophy with which they started that company continues today:


  • Treat the public fairly
  • Treat the agents as customers
  • Be assertive and pro-active
  • Be positive
  • Be professional
  • Be state-of-the-art


Gene is now retired and Bill remains as CEO. Their founding principals have caused the company to thrive. They have consistently been an explorer of new horizons and modern practice

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